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Hi everyone! I have recently started a small business and am excited to share it with you all. As many of you know, I have been accepted to begin medical school as an MS1 in Fall 2019. I was accepted to several schools, but have narrowed down my choices and know where I will be attending.

The journey to this point was long and challenging at times, but certainly worth the effort. Writing essays is a huge part of the premed journey. As writing has always been one of my favorite creative outlets, I found that aspect very enjoyable! To indite my life story into the 5,300 characters allowed by the personal statement was a challenge that would excite any writer. I aimed to emote my audience with stories of trials, win them with my successes, and wow them with the skills I learned. Ultimately, after what feels like one hundred edits, I was successful! I created a personal statement of which I was very proud.

As each secondary application poured into my inbox, I was once again posed with the challenge: express who I am, what I stand for, and how I feel through only the written word. Each essay was twisted slightly different. Each character requirement was unique. After writing a total of 213 essays in the summer of 2018, I had an idea!

I was no stranger to writing and editing. I published an article in a local newspaper at 16 years old. I excelled in college English, graduating with my associates degree at 17 years old. At 19 I co-authored my first research manuscript entitled "Metastatic colon adenocarcinoma has a significantly elevated expression of IL-10 compared with primary colon adenocarcinoma tumors." Four more co-authored publications have followed since. When it came time to write my personal statement, and many secondary essays, I felt prepared. Throughout the creative process I often wished I could get a second set of eyes on my paper. I had family and friends read it, naturally, but I wanted someone who had been through the medical school application process before. It was impossible to find an affordable service to do this.

I decided to start a small business where I provide personal statement editing at a reasonable price to other premed students. I understand the stress of being accepted. "Will I stand out?" is a question you've likely asked yourself before. I did too. I have now edited over a dozen personal statements, been accepted to multiple medical schools, and have extensive writing experience. If you are looking for help creating a personal statement, reading other's personal statements, and editing your statement then reach out to me! We can create a plan for you. I am very upfront about my services and the price. There are no hidden fees and you are guaranteed to like your personal statement. If you don't, then I will continue to work with you until you do.

Packages offered:

Package 1 ($7): I will send you a PDF with three personal statements from students in the 2018-2019 cycle who have been accepted to at least 3 US MD medical schools. You will know their demographics and can use the essays to understand how a personal statement should look. This is a one-time payment of $7.

Package 2 ($25): You will send me an already written draft of your personal statement. I will email you back asking many questions about your life, experiences, and emotions. I will then do a comprehensive full edit of your personal statement. Shredding it apart and then rebuilding it. The statement will 100% reflect all of the work you did, but will include powerful words and statements along with the things admissions committees WANT to know about you (skills, passions, what drives you.) I will also edit your original personal statement for grammar mistakes ONLY. I do this so that if you were exceptionally attached to specific phrases you used in your original statement, you can put them back into the statement I edited. You will receive both edited statements, along with MY personal statement (again, so you can see an example of an accepted personal statement) in return. I charge $25 for this. If you are not fully satisfied with your new statement, email me again and I will work with you until you are satisfied.

Package 3 ($50): You will email me, and we will work together to create a winning personal statement. We will use all of your life experiences to build a statement. I will teach you all of the necessary components of a good essay. I will also teach you valuable tricks for writing any good essay. We will work through as many drafts as you need until you feel satisfied with your personal statement. This package is better to purchase earlier than later so that we can spend a good amount of time creating what you are looking for. This package is $50 because we will work hard, together, to make your essay stand out to admissions committees.

Everyone has a story to tell, but HOW you tell that story can earn you an acceptance letter, or a rejection letter, pretty easily. Let's work together to get you an acceptance letter.

*Disclaimer: My services do not in any way guarantee admission to Medical School. I will do my best to offer you any advice you need with your application, but I am a student and not on the admissions committees. My services can be used for MD and DO applicants. I did not apply to any other health professional programs and cannot provide expert advice for PA/Nursing/NP applicants. I provide these services at an exceptionally reasonable price because I know it is financially hard to be a student. This does not mean the services are of lesser value, or that I will not put 100% of my effort into helping you succeed. You can purchase these services at any time in your career. If you choose to purchase now, you can still use them in future cycles. There is no expiration. I have the full right to deny services, or change the price of these services at any time. If you have already purchased a package from me, the price will be firm and not increased for you.

Me, Abi Felsted, in front of my future medical school!

More of my published work can be found here: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C45&q=abigail+felsted&btnG=

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