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My Study Spot!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

I wanted to have a spot where I am cozy and can be focused on my studies. I am lucky to have a two bedroom apartment and have my study spot in an office! Here are the links to ALL of the things in my set-up!


This fits perfectly in a corner and I personally love not having to just face a wall like the set-up of a rectangle desk! It also has a TON of space for everything -- laptop, monitor, and all your books!



Swivel office chair with comfortable backing and arm rests for a great price!


Anatomy prints:

Probably the most common question I'm asked! My prints are from Codex Anatomicus and I love them. I do have a discount code you can use: ABISANATOMY for 25% off your order!


Desk lamp:

I love that this lamp clips onto the corner of my desk and is moveable to wherever I need light on the desk! It is flexible and bright especially for the night studies.



I bought this a metal bar from IKEA that I screwed into the wall and I hooked on these four white cubes which hang on the wall. I have two plants and a ton of markers/pens in them to use!


Laptop stand:

There are a ton of brands and I don't know if there are many differences but do like this one a lot!



I use an HDMI to hook this up with my MacBook laptop and it has been a lifesaver having two screens. When I bought this it was cheaper than it is now (by about $50) but I still think it's a great one!



Rather self-explanatory but there's a little USB connector in my laptop that enables me to use a mouse between my laptop and monitor which I love because I don't love using the pad on my laptop when I have everything set up -- much easier to sit back and use the mouse.


Anatomy figures:

These are more of decoration than anything although I did use them in my anatomy courses at the beginning of the year. They sit on my shelf now and look cute though :)


6-Cube Organizer:

This came from Walmart and is only $25 and it was worth every penny. I use it to organize my books, camera gear, desk stuff (stapler, tape, etc) along with all the other random junk we use in med school (BP cuff, suture pad, etc.) I got the colorful bins from Walmart also and they had tons of colors and styles!


That's it! None of these links are affiliate links except the anatomy prints - it doesn't cost you anything to use my link or code but I make a small commission (and, you save 25% so it's a win-win!) I hope you found everything you were looking for!!

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