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Anatomy Bootcamp

Introducing your new favorite anatomy resource... https://anatomybootcamp.com/ !! 😍

Given my username, Abi's Anatomy, you can probably make the assumption I am completely obsessed with human anatomy. I fell in love with our bodies from a young age and have consistently found a home while studying anatomy ESPECIALLY on actual bodies.

Why Study Anatomy?

Anatomy is easily the #1 subject that drives medicine and it infiltrates all the basic sciences as well as clinical practice. Studying tumors and their systematic symptoms? Well, knowing the location of the tumors, the arteries that feed the organ, the surrounding lymphatics, and structures around it is truly key to understanding the fundamentals. Beyond the classroom, if you are an anatomy expert you can expand these skills into being a good ultrasound master, surgeon, physical examiner, and beyond. As a doctor, knowing anatomy well is something that will truly change the game and take your skills to the next level.

I will say that although I am by NO means the best at most things (seriously, I think anatomy is the only class I have ever been above average in), I did score 2nd in my undergrad anatomy course out of 800 students and I scored a 98 on my med school anatomy final. When people ask me how to succeed in anatomy, my advice is always the same: PRACTICE. There is truly no secret sauce to anatomy. It is a combination of memorization, visualization, and how often you've reviewed it. In an ideal world, I think being hands on with the cadavers gives you a strong muscle memory and enables you to form a visual map of the bodies in your mind having seen it before. However, being in a cadaver lab is just NOT ALWAYS POSSIBLE. Maybe your lab has limited hours, or COVID19 has shut it down. Regardless, the next best option is to see the structures as images on cadavers.

Most anatomy textbooks will show you a perfect structure that is color-coded and ideally located. Sadly, that is really not how our bodies look on the inside!

SO YOU NEED A TEXTBOOK THAT GIVES YOU CADAVER IMAGES and a huge bonus would be one with practice questions to force you to get into active learning mode. Even better? A group of anatomists who will walk you through all the structures like your own personal one-on-one 24/7 tutor!

So after all this you can guess this is exactly the point of Anatomy Bootcamp (IG: @anatomybootcamp). This resource is incredible and so useful for students who are learning anatomy!

Features of Anatomy Bootcamp

  • Real HD cadaver images

  • Learn anatomy how it actually appears in the human body.

  • Custom question banks

  • Personalize your experience and make sure you study what matters most.

  • Powerful progress tracking

  • Tagging your questions makes it easy to learn even the toughest concepts.

  • Study on the go

  • It’s never been easier to study Anatomy right on your phone.

  • Powerful specimen inspection

  • Examine each area of the body like never before.

  • Team of teachers

  • It's like having your all-time favorite TA right by your side 24/7.

Here, you can see what the platform looks like. You are able to see a cadaver image of the structure you aim to identify, a question that prompts you to recall, and a video explanation!

A cool feature I like about this platform is how they show you various views of a structure so you can readily identify it no matter the direction the body is turned!

And finally, I am really on board with the multiple layers of learning styles. Watching videos and answering questions is one of the best ways to learn and practice your skills. The videos on Anatomy Bootcamp are created by professionals and explain concepts so you can understand them no matter if you are at a high school, undergrad, medical/dental/PA/PT school level.

How to access Anatomy Bootcamp?

You can go to https://anatomybootcamp.com/home today and sign up for a free account! With a free account, you get the first case quiz in each chapter for free, as well as the PDF outlines and the lesson videos. You can access a lot of the materials with your free account and start studying. More and more videos and content are being added to Anatomy Bootcamp and throughout the year this resource will be able to teach you the entire body! You can also upgrade to a premium membership for $47, cheaper than any textbook you could find. If you are an anatomy student, I highly recommend checking it out!

The Story Behind Anatomy Bootcamp - Founder

"When I was in school, I struggled in anatomy. There was so much to learn so quickly, and all of the existing anatomy study tools were outdated or used old, blurry photos. 

It was hard for me to see the “big picture” of how anatomy works - instead of learning anatomy, I was caught up in memorizing endless flashcards.

I envisioned a better way to learn anatomy built for students. We’d combine high-yield videos and an innovative question bank system with HD anatomy images into one resource. 

Anatomy Bootcamp is what I wish I had in school, and will help you master the subject for your class and boards."

Let's get studying, anatomists!

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