The Medical College Admission Test

You're here because, like all pre-meds, it's time to take this test. You've heard it's a beast. You've pushed it to the back of your mind until now. But alas, the time has come to start preparing. Below you will free notes, a CARS "boot camp", and a detailed self-study guide. If you've made it this far, you can conquer this exam. I promise that you will become a doctor and no number will stand in your way. Do your best, prepare adequately, and go crush this exam!

Free MCAT Resources

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Interview with my friend - a 97th percentile scorer

 Disclaimer: These notes are what I wrote while studying for my MCAT. They are not a comprehensive review of all MCAT material and should be used to supplement your study rather than be the main focus. While I have double and triple checked them for accuracy, if you find a mistake please let me know. All notes were made while I was following the Altius Test Prep Book and any questions may be the property of Altius. Any images in the notes not drawn by me are from Wikipedia. Calvin's Self Prep Guide does not guarantee a certain score on the MCAT. Results may vary.